The Role and Use of Ultrasonic Directional Speakers

Compared with the traditional sound source, the directional sound source can control the propagation direction of the sound source and the coverage of the sound wave, which is the directional sound technology. Directional sound technology is a groundbreaking audio solution that provides an efficient way to propagate sound without the use of large speaker arrays, and to project sound highly directionally into a specific area, creating a specific audio space.


1. The role of ultrasonic directional speakers


Only by knowing the function of the ultrasonic directional speaker can you know its application range more clearly. The sound emitted by the ultrasonic directional speaker can be propagated directionally, and the sound can also be controlled to propagate within a certain range. We can imagine that the sound emitted by the ultrasonic directional speaker is like the beam of a flashlight, and the sound direction can be adjusted according to our own needs, and you can control the sound within a certain range. You can only hear the sound when you stand in the area in this direction. This is the function of ultrasonic directional speakers, so the characteristic of directional speakers is that even if two adjacent directional speakers sound at the same time, as long as the control directions are inconsistent, there will be no problems of crosstalk and interference, which creates a separate audio space.


2. The use of ultrasonic directional speakers


Based on the above effects of the directional ultrasonic speaker, we can know that ultrasonic directional speakers can be used in all walks of life: exhibition halls, museums, large-scale exhibitions, schools, banks, hospitals, nursing homes, bus stops, subway corridors, digital media signage, supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, home furnishing and other industries. For example, if you use them in supermarkets, we all know that supermarkets sell a lot of things. If you use traditional speakers, the whole supermarket will be very noisy. If you use ultrasonic directional speakers will not have this problem, because the directional sound only emits sound in a specific area, and the sound pressure level is significantly reduced outside this area, so even if multiple areas emit sound at the same time, there will be no crosstalk and interference.


As long as you want to control the direction and range of sound, you can use an ultrasonic directional speaker, which can be used indoors and outdoors, with simple operation and convenient installation.


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