The Figure of Directional Loudspeaker in Life

Many users are still very unfamiliar with directional speakers, but in fact this type of technical product has been popularized in many fields of life. What are the effects of using this type of product? The effect of this type of product is very obvious in the process of use. Compared with the traditional speaker, we can find that there is a clear difference between the two. So what does the directional speaker mean?


1. Understanding directional speakers


Directional speakers are also called directional speakers, directional speakers, directional speakers, etc. There are many names. The first directional speaker in China was developed and produced by Audfly. Just like the beam of a flashlight, it can sound in any direction you want it to sound, and the range of sound can be controlled within a certain angle. When you stand behind and on the side of the directional speaker, you can hardly hear the sound. Note that you can hardly hear the sound here, not completely, because it is sound after all, and it is difficult to have that kind of precise control line. The propagation mode of the sound of traditional loudspeakers is diffuse.


2. The use of directional speakers


For example, in some museums or art exhibition halls, it is necessary to give an introductory description of a certain type of product in the form of a speaker. In this introduction, if an ordinary speaker is used, because its sound has no directional function, multiple The sounds between the speakers can have a confusing effect, the hall can become very noisy, and visitors can't hear a product presentation very well, but this problem does not arise when using directional speakers.


In addition, for example, in a painting art exhibition, there is a directional speaker next to each painting to explain the work, allowing users to hear and understand the creative mode, creative background, and author's related experience of such art, etc. Due to the directional function, the sound in the room will not be mixed together, so every visitor can carefully listen to the introduction of different works in the art venue. Learn more about Audfly's high-quality products: directional speakers for museums, directional speakers for officefocused directional speakers, directional ceiling speakers, etc. Click for more information.


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