Directional speaker for hospital

Year: 2019

Products: Audfly L1 Acoustic Directional Soundbar

Model: L1


In 2019, we installed Audfly directional speakers for Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital. Directional speakers can play a great role in public places such as hospitals, banks, etc. 


This time, directional speakers are applied into the waiting area of Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital, with the good integration between TV, broadcast and Audfly directional speakers, it enables the sound transmission to be precisely targeted to this area without increasing the noise level of the ambient environment.


Patients can get through the waiting time by watching videos from our directional sound, in addition to not missing their call-in announcements. 

Hospitals equipped with directional speakers not only create a relatively quiet sound environment, but also provide a good medical experience for patients waiting for medical treatment.




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