Bluetooth Directional Speaker

The Bluetooth directional speaker is a more convenient and easy-to-control directional speaker that can be connected to Bluetooth based on the directional speaker. The Bluetooth directional speaker is also known as a  Bluetooth portable directional speaker, small directional speaker, Bluetooth ultrasonic transducer speaker, and Bluetooth transducer speaker.


Compared with other directional speakers, this Bluetooth directional speaker has the following features:


1. The ultrasonic directional speaker enables the sound to be transmitted directionally and can accurately transmit the sound to your required spot and position.


2. Small and lightweight, small directional speakers are easy to carry whether you are going out for shopping, short-distance business trips or travel.


3. The Bluetooth portable directional speaker is simple and easy to operate.


Review on Directional Sound Speakers


Mark Schneider

“I reorder the directional loudspeaker several times, and they are all good, thanks. I buy a wall mount bracket for this speaker locally, then they can be used in the museum.”


Carlos Capdepon

“The quality is amazing to me, it is very good among directional speakers, and is suitable for museums, Jessica is kind and in good patience, shipping is fast with TNT, i will order more if needed.”


George Swade

“I got the delivery very fast. Just right off the bat ripped off the box to be opened and tried to use. First love the design of this speaker. Very good looking and thinner design which makes me to use it easliy, :)Good!”



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