About Directional Speakers and Their Applications

1. About the directional speakers


Directional speakers produce directional audio in a precise, fixed direction with a precision similar to that of light. Audio is delivered cleanly to the target area without adding ambient noise to nearby environments. Directional sound speakers work in a completely different way than traditional speakers.


Directional sound speakers are great for situations where you need to localize sound in one area and keep it quiet elsewhere. The technology is particularly suitable for applications in tourist attractions and public places where voice guidance or control is required. Examples include retail stores, showrooms, exhibition galleries, art galleries and museums.


2. What scenarios can directional speakers be used for?


Libraries: Even in quiet library environments, directional sound speakers focus audio into a specific area without adding ambient noise.


Hospitals: Directional speakers are used in reception areas, interactive displays, waiting areas, corridors, operating rooms, control rooms and private hospital beds. A particularly common use is at chemotherapy stations, where patients have hours of waiting, and by using focused speakers connected to a TV screen, can get through this difficult time by watching videos, all without disturbing their patients.


Video and gaming: directional loudspeakers are an ideal replacement for headphones, which can be easily damaged. Additionally, directional speaker avoids the hygiene issues associated with shared headphones.


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