Ultrasonic directional speaker for Suzhou SIP Provident Fund Management Center

Year: 2022

Products: Suzhou SIP Provident Fund Management Center

Model: FSC2-L1 and FSC5-B2


In Suzhou SIP Provident Fund Management Center, there are many different banks have settled in to provide the general public with services related to provident fund loans. 

Each bank has its own area, but they are very close to each other due to the limited space. When the traditional speaker broadcasts the calling audio, there is a lot of interference with each other, and the noise is very loud, causing a lot of trouble for the staff and the public to handle the loan business.


Audfly directional speaker delivers a narrow beam of sound to a desired area, reducing the sound around the targeted area in a more effective way. 


Directional speakers allow you to direct your sound to your audience. For example, by using Audfly directional speaker it will effectively target your audience without making noise issues in the surrounding environments. 

Moreover, after audfly directional speakers installed in Suzhou SIP Provident Fund Management Center in2022, the staff and the people come to handle the loan business also speak highly of its service: “The background ambient noise levels surrounding are exceptionally low, thanks for the new solution of the directional speaker." 


Audfly directional speakers can be applied in various of different application which needs independent audio areas, we believe that there is no better way to explain Audfly directional speaker than by experiencing it.

Audfly Technology provides various different model of directional speaker samples, we sincerely welcome the opportunity of sampels testing and cooperatiopn with you. 


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