Ultrasonic directional speaker for Shanghai International Auto Show

Year: 2017

Products: Shanghai International Auto Show

Model: FSC5-B2


The 2017 Shanghai International Auto Show is in full swing in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that the total exhibition area of this auto show is more than 360000 square meters, attracting more than 1000 well-known enterprises from 18 countries and regions to actively participate in the show. 


Buick's first extended-range hybrid electric vehicle, the VELITE 5, just launched on the eve of the Buick Auto Show, made its debut on the auto show stage; At the same time, the impressive Buick new generation Regal completed its first show in China on the opening day of the auto show. With these two points of view, Buick has already lifted the audience's appetite. However, the Buick showroom has some other secrets!


Before the exhibition, Buick found us and expressed the idea of applying directional speakers to the auto show. After specific communication with the staff, the directional speaker team went to the site for investigation and survey, and customized a set of exclusive directional interpretation scheme for the Buick Shanghai Auto Show Hall - according to the exhibition location, these super directional speakers were integrated and installed on the top of the exhibition hall (the installed directional speaker is in the red frame below, and the photos were taken at the exhibition site).




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