The Difference Between Directional Speakers and Ordinary Speakers

The difference between directional speakers and ordinary speakers


You are no stranger to directional speakers. When you go to museums and exhibition halls, you can experience them. As long as you stand in a designated area, you can hear relevant explanations about museum exhibits, but people around you can hardly hear them. Explain the sound. A directional speaker works differently from a normal speaker in that it radiates sound in a narrow area: it's a "sound torch" that "radiates" sound energy to a precise location, producing an audible beam of sound in a narrow area, with direction and angle.


Ordinary loudspeakers spread the sound 360° in all directions, divergently spread to the surroundings, and the volume decreases with the increase of the distance. The use of directional speakers not only solves the problem of noise pollution, but also improves user experience. According to the installation form, directional speaker can be divided into directional ceiling speakers, directional wall speakers, and so on. At present, directional speakers have been used in museums, exhibition halls, and bank handling windows. In the future, focused directional speakers will also be widely used in video conferencing and digital signage to achieve directional broadcast of sound for the desired crowd.


Not only that, but directional speakers can also be used in advertisements, exhibitions, blind guides, waiting halls, etc. According to different user groups, directional speakers with different parameters can be customized, in order to better serve each user group and improve user experience, without disturbing others.


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