Technology and Application Advantages of Directional Speakers

With the development of society and economy, human beings have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Because the traditional noisy sound environment has made people more and more disgusted, Audfly has developed a directional speaker based on directional sound technology, also called directional sound, so what are its advantages and application areas?


1. Know the directional speakers


Speakers are indispensable products in life. For example, a small-sized speaker is installed in a mobile phone, and sound is produced through this speaker. Speakers and speakers can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and other living places. Their existence brings a very vivid side to this society, but also brings noise, so the use of directional speakers is used to solve the problems of noisy sound and crosstalk.


According to acoustic theory, the sound waves that can be heard by the human ear are low-frequency sound waves, and the sound spreads in all directions, while ultrasonic waves have directional propagation characteristics, and high-frequency signals with a frequency greater than 20KHz are directional in the transmission process. Make the sound propagate in a specified direction in the form of a narrow-band sound beam, that is, send a beam of "sound beam", similar to the beam of light emitted by a searchlight, so that only those located in the direction covered by the beam of light can hear the sound. This technology of propagating sound in a certain direction is called directional sound technology.


The directional speaker is based on the application of advanced directional sound technology. The sound played by the directional speaker can achieve directional propagation and controllable distance range propagation, effectively controlling the sound within a certain range.


2. The application advantages of directional speakers


When ordinary speakers transmit diffused sound, they generally send random transmissions around without control, which can easily cause bad interference to other residents. The introduction of directional speakers can better solve this problem, making the sound really transmitted to those who need to hear and who are willing to listen.


Judging from the current demand in the market, there are still many application scenarios for directional speaker products, which can be applied in almost all walks of life, including exhibitions, advertising media, digital signage, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools, homes, etc., in the future, it will enter thousands of households.


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