Directional Speaker in Suining Museum

Year: 2020

Products: Audfly Ceiling Directional Speaker

Model: R2


Directional Speakers for Museums Solutions


In the year 2020, Audfly's Acoustic Directional Speaker was introduced into Suining Museum to serve as the "directional voice narrator" of each exhibition area. Through the core directional sound technology and Audfly museum directional speaker—ceiling mounted directional speaker, different exhibition areas have independent sound explanations without interference, even a single cultural relic has a corresponding commentary. Such sound construction technology not only makes cultural relics come alive but also creates a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for the exhibition, helping visitors to have a smooth in-depth dialogue with history and culture. 


Applied Places of Audfly Directional Sound Speakers


Besides museums and exhibition halls, Audfly's Acoustic Directional Speaker is also widely used in advertising media, digital signage, commercial supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools, homes, and other industries in the market, gradually replacing traditional speakers which with serious remixing and noise problems.




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