Directional Speaker in Chinese Heritage Museum

Year: 2018

Products: Audfly Super Ultrasound Directional Loudspeaker

Model: B1/B2


In the year 2018, Audfly Ultrasonic Directional Speaker was introduced to some heritage museums. Each cultural relic has its unique characteristics and history.

Whenever you approach a cultural relic, you can clearly hear the introduction of this cultural relic. When you walk next to another cultural relic, you can only hear that audio introduction. About the introduction of audio information about the cultural relic, the introduction of each cultural relic has its fixed location, which can not only satisfy the immersive listening experience of tourists but also not disturb the surrounding sound environment. Tourists show strong interest in this novel exhibition form. At the same time, ultrasonic directional speaker has effectively attracted more tourists to the museum to visit and experience




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