How to Use Directional Speakers in Retail?

How to use directional voice in retail stores to increase sales, help customers find what they're looking for, and promote your brand in a way they'll remember. What are some ways to utilize directional speakers in a retail context?


1. Directional speakers: Ambient sound


You can play ambient sounds in specific areas of your store to enhance the customer experience. Playing relevant directional audio in a certain part of your store will give a nice sense of immersion. If you've already invested in decor and branding for this segment, why not entertain the other senses? With bluetooth directional speakers, the music will only be heard by customers in your desired area, it won't distract other shoppers by spreading to their surroundings. It can give your customers a pleasant sense of focus and concentration, increasing their likelihood of buying.


For example, if you're an outdoor clothing retailer, you can play calming ocean sounds in the water sports area, or natural vibes and birdsong in the mountaineering gear area. There are plenty of opportunities to get creative here.


2. Directional Speakers: Guidance and Information


You can also use directional speaker technology to broadcast location-specific information to your customers. For example, as people line up in a fitting room to try on clothes, directional speakers could play messages with instructions, or upsells with additional suggestions. This can simplify queues at busy stores and make your fitting room attendant's life easier. It's also a great opportunity to remind customers how the return policy works, or where they can get some nifty accessories to complement their purchases.


If there is a place where customers are often confused about where things are, directional audio can help them. This is a great way to avoid your employees being repeatedly asked the same questions about a specific product or service.


3. Directional speakers: Attracting attention


When a customer walks into a "beam" of sound coming from a directional speaker, it's not always obvious where the sound is coming from. This usually means they are curious about its source and look around. So their eyes will eventually fall on what you are showing and you will get their full attention.


It's also great for grabbing attention at longer distances, where you might prompt customers to walk over to an area to learn more. At a large department store or fair, this is useful for guiding the flow of customers with a customized audio experience.


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