How Directional Loudspeakers Work | How is It Different from Ordinary Speakers?

Directional audio technology has gradually entered all aspects of life. For example, at intersections waiting for traffic lights, there are directional audio safety prompts, which can be directed to pedestrians waiting for traffic lights. Safety prompts do not produce noise effects, creating a good life for citizens. surroundings. How is the working principle of directional speakers different from ordinary speakers?


1. The special features of directional audio technology


The audible sound wave emitted by most of our common speakers is a common mechanical wave. Its propagation in the air is spherical, divergent, easy to attenuate, and affects the propagation effect. The audible sound wave is radiated 360 degrees. At different frequencies and angles, the energy of the sound wave will be different, and it is easy to attenuate when it propagates in the air; the 360-degree radiation characteristics determine that the audible sound wave will spread in all directions, easily disturbing others;

the highly directional speaker uses the ultrasonic wave as a carrier signal, and then modulates the audio signal into a high-frequency signal to achieve directional transmission in the air, and finally realizes in the air. Self-demodulation enables the human ear to hear the restored audio signal.


In the 1960s, Westervelt, Berktay and others discovered the self-demodulation effect of nonlinear propagation of ultrasonic waves in the air. In the 1980s, Japanese Kamkura T and others successfully developed and produced a directional loudspeaker device. The experiment proved the effectiveness of directional audio technology. The principle is correct.


2. The application of directional loudspeakers


At present, the directional audio technology series is widely praised by users in practical applications. Audfly directed sound technology also provides a variety of acoustic customization solutions, bringing different changes to more enterprises due to directional audio technology. The application scenarios of the directional audio speaker are very wide and can be applied to all walks of life: exhibition halls, campuses, libraries, museums, supermarkets, parks, residential quarters, railway stations, bus stations, subways, airports, scenic spots and other industries.


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