Fields of Use of Directional Speakers

1. Know the directional speakers


A traditional speaker directly produces a beam of sound that travels quickly from the speaker. In contrast, the hyper-directional speaker uses ultrasonic waves for indirect sound reproduction, resulting in narrow sound beams.


Directional sound provides the ability to create an audio zone that can be tailored to an individual or a small group of people. This is useful when you need to direct sound to a designated area or target without disturbing the surrounding environment while controlling noise pollution. The directional loudspeaker ensures that the perfect sound beam is directed to the designated area, even in complex acoustic environments.


Ⅱ. Understand the use of directional speakers


Retail: It's no secret that loud sounds can unplug your monitor. This is why directional sound is so important for retail applications. High-quality directional speakers will deliver your message and prevent audio from spilling into unintended listening areas. Our directional loudspeakers can be used in outdoor retail applications.


Airports: Directional sound is the perfect solution for airport applications. Between news screens, kiosks and interactive displays, directional speakers prevent airports from becoming noisy spaces.


Restaurant: The possibilities for restaurant applications are endless. From upbeat sounds to people sitting across from the bar to focusing audio across the table, directional speakers are the perfect solution for presenting multiple games with audio in one space, or in multiple spaces!


Video Conferencing: Directional speakers are a game changer for video conferencing applications. Especially when they are paired with highly directional microphones for videoconferencing in public settings.


Education: Schools, colleges and universities use directional speakers to create incredible collaborative learning environments.


Control Room: Wearing bulky headsets for hours at a time can be cumbersome and uncomfortable for control room operators. Thanks to the directional speakers, operators can work for hours without wearing cumbersome headphones.


Dance Floor: Believe it or not, directional speakers can be used to focus sound on a large area like a dance floor. Gone are the days when outdoor clubs were worried about noise regulations and disturbing nearby neighbours or homes. Focusing on high-quality sound is easier than ever with a directional subwoofer.


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