Directivity and Use Effect of Ultrasonic Directional Speakers

Ultrasonic directional speakers have attracted a lot of public attention. As a new product of acoustic technology, ultrasonic directional speakers are highly functional in actual use. The multi-faceted use characteristics of ultrasonic directional speakers during use have been highly praised by many users. It can be used in various applications. Among the exhibition halls, this type of products can also be used in various industries such as banks, hospitals, schools, bus stop signs, digital media advertising, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, libraries, and home furnishing. What are the good performances in use?


1. The directivity of ultrasonic directional speakers


Ultrasonic directional speakers have a very outstanding performance in terms of super directivity, which means that their functional performance will be stronger in use.  What needs to mention is that Audfly Technology adopts a unique directional sound technology, which can achieve directional sound propagation in the use of the device, so that the sound is like a flashlight beam, and it can also control the sound propagation range, which is a good solution to many problems such as voice crosstalk and nuisance.


2. The actual use of ultrasonic directional speakers


This also means that the actual use effect of ultrasonic directional speaker in use has advantages that other products cannot match. Because this type of product has a variety of models, users can use different models of products in different fields according to their actual use needs to meet the use requirements.


3. The convenience of ultrasonic directional speakers


A highly directional speaker is still very convenient to use in the process of use. Users can choose different models of products according to their actual needs, such as using in auto shows or in museums and so on.


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