Directional ultrasonic speaker for BANK OF JIANGSU

Year: 2022

Products: Bank of Jiangsu Suzhou Branch

Model: B2 Directional Ultrasonic Speaker


This year, Audfly are honored to have a series of exchanges with Bank of Jiangsu Suzhou Branch. Both parties visited each other's companies and carried out a series of in-depth cooperation and business communication.

In the end, Jiangsu Bank Suzhou Branch chose our Audfly Model B2 as the start of cooperation for their Hall Calling Project.



Audfly Directional Ultrasonic Speaker Model B2 can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted directional speakers. This time, B2 is installed on the ceiling of the bank's customer waiting area, where the bank's customers can clearly hear the directional audio from the speakers. 

The sound is concentrated in the designated area, so that customers can easily hear the information, and will not miss the audio broadcast of the queuing call, which also greatly reduces the disruption to personnel activities in other non-target audio areas.



Moreover, customers also had a very good experience handling financial business at the bank counter, and the bank has fully improved its technology-based services, it has indeed played a great role in creating a technology-based bank and improving service satisfaction.




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