Directional speaker for Hanshan Art Museum

Year: 2021

Products: Audfly B1 Directional Speaker

Model: B1


This is an artistic work created by three teachers from the Dept. of Digital Media of the Art College of Soochow University to show "Suzhou Sound Image" from different angles. 

The work uses Audfly’s directional speaker as the core element, mixing the sound sources recorded in various alleys into a song, uses the super-directional sound characteristics to realize the division of space with sound to reshape an imagined alley.



Walking into this alley which is simulated sounds by the super directional speaker, you can hear the light birdsong, the hurried footsteps, the daily trivialities, the gossip, the wind chimes, the drizzle, the endless cars, the gentle Kunqu Opera... as if you are currently in the alleys of Suzhou city, feeling its local customs.


What's more interesting is that people in different positions can hear different voices effect which is achieved by Audfly's speaker principle of super-directional audio transmission.


Audfly ultrasonic directional speakers makes this cooperation integrated successfully into artistic creation, completing a significant application breakthrough.


Technology empowers art, and art feeds back technology. Audfly Directional directional sound system helped to reshape a Suzhou alley in a limited space and allowed Audfly directional speakers to find new application value in the creation.





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