Characteristics of Directional Sound Technology

Nowadays, everyone pays attention to privacy. Whether it is at home or public space, work or entertainment, headphones have become the first choice for obtaining audio sources. However, wearing headphones for a long time will cause more or less hearing damage to a certain extent; Hearing loss is common among the elderly. In daily life, the elderly often make up for the lack of hearing by increasing the volume of the sound. However, the excessively high volume will not only cause a certain degree of distress to the family members around them, but also invisibly damage the hearing of themselves and their family members to varying degrees.


1. The emergence of directional sound technology


In today's 21st century technology era, directional sound technology realizes the directional transmission of audible sound, creates an independent audio space around the human ear, and can clearly obtain sound information without wearing headphones. Non-interfering sound area, efficient and environmentally friendly information dissemination.


The feature of this directional sound technology is that within a certain distance, the sound will not be attenuated, as if it has been sounding in your ear. For example, within 0-20m, the volume of the sound you hear in any distance range is basically the same. A directional speaker with a 30-degree angle range can theoretically only be heard within a 30-degree angle range.


2. Characteristics and working principle of directional sound technology


The working principle of sound directional technology is: modulate the audio signal on the ultrasonic carrier, and use the characteristics of ultrasonic directional propagation and the nonlinear effect of air to form the directional propagation of audible sound. Compared with the traditional sound source, the directional sound source can control the propagation direction of the sound source and the coverage of the sound wave, which is the sound directional technology.


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