Applications of Ultrasonic Directive Speakers

What kind of speakers have you used before? Are there many deficiencies in the control of the sound? The times are developing, technology is progressing, and the improvement of speakers has never stopped. More and more people's needs for speakers are constantly changing, not only requiring the sound direction of the speakers to be controllable, but also requiring the best sound. It can be controlled within a certain range, so that the problem of mutual interference of multiple sounds in the same space can be well solved. Ultrasonic directive speakers are a popular type of speaker now, so how do ultrasonic directive speakers work? Where are ultrasonic directive speakers generally used?


1. How does the ultrasonic directive speaker work?


In short, directional speakers, for instance, portable directional speakers are to let the sound spread in the set direction and control it within a certain range. The directional sound technology makes the sound focus and spread farther, which can play a great role in many places. Enables message recipients to hear more clearly without crosstalk. Ultrasonic directive speakers provide directional sound, allowing you to communicate information to a person—and only to that person.


Ultrasonic directive speakers work by emitting a narrow beam of high-frequency sound. This sound is focused on where the listener is, delivering information that only they can hear, as if the listener were wearing headphones.


2. The application of ultrasonic directive speakers


Loudspeakers have a wide range of applications in various industries due to their unique ability to direct sound to a target area. Our ultrasonic directional speaker is commonly used in public sector and tourist attractions such as: museums and galleries, exhibitions and showrooms, retail stores, digital signage, command and control centers, offices, hospitals, banks, etc. Ultrasonic directive speakers are innovative sound technologies that will improve and further enhance these industries.


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