Application of Directional Speaker

The application of directional speakers brings convenience to production and life in a wide range of scenarios such as upscale communities, home, advertising media, digital signage, parks, factories, squares, exhibition halls, museums, railway stations, bus stations, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools, subways, airports, tourist attractions, etc.


1. Directional Speakers in Exhibition booth or museum


The exhibition industry is one of the industries that use more directional audio technology. In exhibition halls, museums, and other places, by applying directional audio technology, multiple speakers can work synchronously without interfering with each other, and each sound area is relatively independent. The pavilion is very quiet and visitors can listen well, which has a good impact on promoting the user's actual perception and understanding.


2. Directional Speakers in Supermarket


In some large supermarkets and some centrally managed shopping malls, directional loudspeakers are mounted. When introducing products on different shelves in this way, customers who walk through the shelf can hear them clearly, but they will not be affected after leaving the shelf. This method can effectively avoid the negative impact caused by the noise and can also realize the functions of directional shopping guide and product promotion, improving the conversion rate of publicity content.


3. Directional Speakers in Banks


Using directional speakers at bank counters and ATM machines, the prompt tone, and dialogue content are directionally transmitted to users, and only users can hear the voice content clearly, which effectively avoids user information leakage and greatly protects the safety of users' property.


4. Directional Speakers in Advertising signs


Directional speaker can be integrated with commercial display screens such as advertising machines and LED/LCD screen to complete functions such as directional audio guidance and directional voice activity promotion; related advertising can also be implanted in some digital signage.



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