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Directional Sound Speakers for Different Application Scenarios

Directional Sound Speakers for Different Application Scenarios

Super Directional Speaker in Museum & Gallery
Using our Audfly audio system, a museum is able to add sound selectively to specific interactive exhibits, delivering the sound at your desired listening area and maintaining quiet elsewhere.
Directional Speakers for Libraries
Audfly Acoustic Directional Speakers were installed in the library, which can control the sound transmission in a certain area and create an independent audio space, while none of the surrounding space was disturbed.
Super Directional Speaker in Retails & Markets
Audfly Audio system creates targeted audio zones, allowing retailers to add audio content in selective spot without flowing to nearby areas.
Super Directional Speaker in Digital Signage & Kiosks
Audfly directional speakers integrated to digital signage/kiosks, making customers hear every bit of target audio message.
Super Directional Speaker in Luxury Store
Create quiet & appropriate advertisements and improve the customer shopping experience through Audfly Directional Loud Speakers.
Super Directional Speaker in Hospital & Nursing Home
The characteristic of Audfly Acoustic Directional Speaker: "creating an independent and quiet audio area in an open space", better improves the overall acoustic environment of the hospital.
Super Directional Speaker in Telephone/Video Conference
Improve the security and privacy of the conference sound field environment, and effectively help enterprises to work efficiently.
Super Directional Speaker in Exhibition & Booth
Audfly audio system with its great ability in focusing sound and localizing it to specific products or areas will be much helpful in such circumstance.