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Audfly Directional Speaker in OLE Supermarket

Year: 2020

Products: Audfly Model B Wall/Ceiling Mounted Ultrasonic Directional Speaker

Model: B1 / B2

Introduction: Audfly ultrasonic directional speakers were used to broadcast the in-store advertisement to encourage customers to choose the targeted-area goods in OLE supermarket. 

We mounted the ultrasonic directional speakers in the targeted spots(above the goods which needs increase sales, wall mounted or ceiling mounted)of the supermarket, when a customer stand on this spot, they can hear the advertisement message introducing the characters of the goods, which is played on a loop from the directional loudspeaker above them. 

This voice can be heard clearly only by one or two persons at a time, by this way, the directional sound encourages customers to choose the targeted goods successfully. 

And this campaign run for about 3 months in OLE supermarket, the sales increasing of the targeted goods is already up to 25%. 

Want to see more about how Audfly directional speakers used in supermarkets to encourage customers and increase the sales?Welcome to contact us anytime you want.